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With a keen interest in furthering our skills and having a damn good time doing it, we’re filling up our oxygen tanks and diving into the world of storytelling and creation.* We are dedicated to sharing stories, creating memories and collaborating the crap out of film and theatre projects with fellow creatives.


And the company name? Well, each of us brings different skills to the coffee table (that’s where we do most of our work), and so we like to think that between us we’re looking at both the larger scheme of things as well as all the minor details (deets) that go into creating that big picture.


* Only one of us has a legit dive certificate though so it makes for some interesting ventures in the deep oceans of film-making.

Brendan Andersen

Brendan’s a handyman, a cameraman and a gentleman (who clearly didn’t write this himself). His favourite movies of all time are the Transformers franchise, Braveheart, all the Die Hards and all the Lethal Weapons and the Underworld franchise. When he’s not storyboarding, filming and editing up a storm, you can find him out on two wheels somewhere, either mountain biking, motorcycling or dirt bike riding. “No one could find me, I’m too hardcore.” There, he wrote that bit.

Lux Taylor

A creative powerhouse, Lux is a writer, artist, director, webmaster and doer of all things incredible. An avid film lover, she is partway through a Creative Writing degree with Massey University and takes much of her creative inspiration from her own life. Truth really can be stranger and more hilarious than fiction. An accomplished endurance runner, Lux makes the most of Rotorua’s forests and lake tracks by running the heck out of them.

Simone Walker

Simone is an actor and graduate of The Actors’ Program. Now splitting time between Auckland and her hometown of Rotorua, Simone is excited to create more characters, more stories and more masterpieces with her BPMD family. And by masterpieces, anything goes really. (Not that we’ve lowered our bar on what’s deemed ‘good’, we’ve just raised our bar on how much goodness and learning comes from a perceived ‘failure’ and how brave you’ve gotta be to create anything and put it out to the world).

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