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flatmate wanted

On her search to find the perfect flatmate, Sophie finds herself living with all sorts of creepy and freaky folk. Her bff and wingman, Stella, helps Sophie through each close encounter of the weird kind. Sophie has a choice: live with a housemate from hell or miss her mortgage payments.


This is our 8 episode web series starring our very own Simone Walker as Sophie, and featuring loads of incredible Kiwi talent! Thank you all of you who helped us make it happen! We started this project as complete filmmaking noobs and learned as we filmed. We couldn't have done it without the support of everyone involved. And a special shoutout to the Rotorua Civic Arts Trust and Creative Communities Scheme Rotorua for their support!

Ep. 1 "Pilot"

Ep. 2 "Jude, Don't Make It Bad"

Ep. 5 "Shaun With The Wind"

Ep. 7 "Please Don't Steve Me"

Ep. 2 "Grace, How Sweet The Sound"

Ep. 4 "Sandeep: Chicken Today, Feathers Tomorrow"

Ep. 6 "Kevin, Look At Kevin!"

Ep. 8 "Sofie, I'd Like To Be For You"

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