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Comedy of Errors leads to loads of laughs in 2022 48HOURS competition

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

We got to brainstorming, scriptwriting and dusting off our (very dusty!) editing skills for this year's 48HOURS film competition. At 7pm on Friday 12 August, we received our genre - comedy of errors - and the elements we needed to include in our short film. We then had 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and submit the film, which had to be between one and five minutes long.

This year, we had the option of shooting on an OPPO phone, and, due to Brendan heeding the call of the ocean and taking himself on a fishing expedition, Lux and Simone entered as a duo. Holy heck, did we have fun.

Our premise was fairly simple - there's only so much you can do when there's two of you! - and we were on an extra-strict timeframe as Lux needed to drive from Rotorua to Wellington at lunchtime on Sunday.

We did our very best, cracked ourselves up A LOT along the way - maybe it's cos we're so witty? maybe it's cos we were sleep-deprived and delirious? - and entered a fun little film.....that had a few technical issues we didn't see until after we'd submitted it but we're just chalking that up to learning for next year.


Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the regional heats - we were named one of three audience favourites in our heat, and while we didn't win big at the regional finals, it was great to head along to the cinema and see and support the other films in competition.

Watch our 2022 entry, Mind Over Molly, and our 48HOURS entries from previous years, below:

Mind Over Molly (Regional finalist 2022)

The Sh*tuation (won a bunch of awards at the BOP finals and was nominated for a bunch at the nationals 2019)

Literal (Grand National Final best script nominee 2018)

The Thread (Grand National finalist 2016)

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